Episcopal Diocese of Upper South Carolina


THE EPISCOPAL DIOCESE OF UPPER SOUTH CAROLINA welcomes you in the name of Christ and of the 61 Episcopal congregations who are members of the diocese. Our Vision:  Making, equipping and sending mature disciples of Christ.

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  • Upstate Churches Sending Water to Columbia
    Upstate Churches Sending Water to Columbia

    Many thanks to the Deacons, communicants and parishes of EDUSC sending water to Columbia. We are grateful for our parishes in the Midlands area who have agreed to act as distribution points. See article here. In addition, several upstate parishes are collecting water to send to Columbia. Above is the water from St. Peter's on its way to Columbia on October 6, 2015.

  • 93rd Diocesan Covention 2015
    93rd Diocesan Covention 2015

    Diocesan Convention is October 16th - 17th at St. Thaddeus, Aiken. Please visit the Diocesan Convention tab on the EDUSC website here for Registration, Forms, Directions, Children's Program Info, Hotel Info and More. As any additional information is available, it will be posted on this page.

  • Stay at Gravatt for Diocesan Convention
    Stay at Gravatt for Diocesan Convention

    Take some retreat time surrounding Diocesan Convention by staying at Camp Gravatt. Gravatt will provide housing, transportation to and from Convention, and a relaxing reception. For more information on Diocesan Convention, click here.

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