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Happening #77 

Location:  Gravatt Conference Center, Aiken, SC
icon Flyer: Happening #77 (2017)
For Youth in Grades 10-12
Event Date:  March 17-19, 2017
Candidate Registration Deadline:  February 24, 2017
Register for Happening #77
Staff Application Deadline:  January 20, 2017
Staff Application for Happening #77
icon Happening #77 Staff Information
Renuion Date:  April 30, 2017, from 10:00am - noon at All Saints' Episcopal Church in Clinton, SC

Youth who would like to register as a Happening Candidate need to:
1.  Complete the online Happening Registration Form for the weekend they wish to attend.
       Register for Happening #77
2.  Email their signed and completed, scanned or photographed icon Medical and Congregation Release Form (2016-17) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. one week before the Happening weekend.
3.  Secure a sponsor. Happening Candidates should be sponsored by someone who either (1) Has attended Happening, Vocare or Cursillo in the past, (2) Is a youth minister in the Diocese, or (3) Is a clergy person in the Diocese. Happening sponsors no longer need to complete a Happening Sponsor Form.

To apply for Happening staff, complete the online form:


Happening weekends are led by a Youth Rector and an Adult Big Brother/Sister. The Youth Rector, Big Brother/Sister, Past Youth Rector, Past Big Brother/Sister and the Canon for Christian Formation prayerfully choose the Observing Rector and provide suggestions for possible Observing Big Brother/Sister, though the choice for Observing Big Brother/Sister is ultimately the Observing Rectors with approval from the Canon with Christian Formation.

The Youth Rector, Adult Big Brother/Sister, and both Observing staff select the staff for their Happening with approval from the Canon for Christian Formation. The Happening Committee of DYLC has chosen the following policies in regards to Happening Staff:

  • Staff must be able to attend both staff meetings and the entire weekend.
  • Staff must complete their registration within one week after offered a position.
  • Youth staff must have attended Happening as a candidate and still be in high school.
  • Adult staff must be at least 22 years old, connected with an Episcopal congregation, be SAFE Church trained within the last 5 years, and background checked within the last year with no violation that would affect them serving with youth.
  • Staff must have completed the online application by the application deadline.

Because we do not have room to accept everyone who applies for staff, priority will be given to those youth who:

  • Were not selected to serve at the last Happening.
  • Have served on less than 2 staffs in a row.
  • Have served only on GIC.
  • Have specific gift, talents of skills needed for the weekend.
  • Participate in weekly worship, youth group and leadership in their local congregations.

CARITAS - If you wish to send Caritas to the candidates for Happening, please send or deliver them to the Diocesan House at 1115 Marion Street, Columbia, SC 29201, or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Candidates and Staff for Happening will be listed below when they are finalized:


1. Hannah Boyle - St Francis of Assisi, Chapin
2. Peyton Clark - Holy Cross, Simpsonville
3. Jackson Cooper - St Bartholomew's, North Augusta
4. Luke Copeland - St Francis of Assisi, Chapin
5. Garrett Lee - Holy Cross, Simpsonville
6. Avery Morse - St Peter's, Greenville
7. Jessica Putman - Holy Cross, Simpsonville
8. Kath Richardson - Holy Cross, Simpsonville
9. Quanni Vick - Church of the Cross, Columbia
10. Audrey Wiseman - St Thaddeus, Aiken
11. Abby Wiseman - St Thaddeus, Aiken


1. Michelle Brewer - Holy Cross, Simpsonville
2. Lamar Buchanan - St Peter's, Greenville
3. Father Byrd - Retired Clergy, EDUSC
4. Dorian Del Priore - St Peter's, Greenville
5. Henry Kerfoot - Grace Church, Camden
6. Matthew Mahaffey - Christ Church, Greenville
7. Tudor Malik - Christ Church, Greenville
8. Phil Pickard - St Francis of Assisi, Chapin
9. Madelyn Smith - St John's, Columbia


1. Jeremy Boyle - St Francis of Assisi, Chapin
2. Spencer Brewer - Holy Cross, Simpsonville
3. John Cantey - Grace Church, Camden
4. Nolan Clark - Holy Cross, Simpsonville
5. Jordan Del Priore - St Peter's, Greenville
6. Jack Fleischer - St John's, Columbia
7. Kathryn Hart - Grace Church Cathedral, Charleston
8. Teddy Higgins - St Paul's, Batesburg
9. Rilla Holmes - Episcopal Diocese of Upper SC
10. Jamie Holodak - St Bartholomew's, North Augusta
11. Bobby Jones - St John's, Columbia
12. Madalyne Lawton - St Peter's, Greenville
13. Mac Lindsay - Grace Church, Camden
14. Hughes McGlone - St Thaddeus, Aiken
15. Abby Pichoff - Church of the Cross, Columbia
16. Lane Poteat - St Martin's-in-the-Fields, Columbia
17. Eileen Schell - St John's, Columbia
18. Gordon Schell - St John's, Columbia
19. Christine Scott - St Bartholomew's, North Augusta
20. Bekah Stewart - Episcopal Diocese of Georgia
21. Kellie Wilson - Episcopal Diocese of Upper SC

Spiritual Directors

Teddy Higgins - St Paul's, Batesburg
Rilla Holmes - Episcopal Diocese of Upper SC

  • Bishop Waldo Calls to Order
  • Bishop Greg Rickel on Stewardship
  • Leadership Day
  • Dean Timothy Jones of Trinity Cathedral
  • The Rev. Dr. James Farwell
  • Ms. Terri Mathes
  • Closing Plenary Before Evensong
  • Bill Hunter of the Advent Shoppe
  • Christ Church Before Evensong
  • Gravatt Booth
  • Thompson Booth
  • Canterbury Booth
  • Sewanee Booth
  • Business Day
  • Cursillo 130 1
  • Cursillo 130 2
  • Cursillo 130 3
  • Cursillo 130 4
  • Cursillo 130 5
  • Cursillo 130 6
  • Cursillo 130 7
  • Cursillo 130 8
  • Cursillo 130 9
  • Cursillo 130 10
  • Cursillo 130 11