Episcopal Diocese of Upper South Carolina

Statement of Mission

What does Upper South Carolina’s SOM fund?
Essential in the mind of the SOM Committee, in recommending a preliminary Statement of
Mission, will be those goals previously named by the Diocese through the work of the Strategic Vision Task Force: To make equip and send mature disciples of Jesus Christ into the world in witness to God’s love and to serve Christ “not only with our lips but in our lives.” Specifically, the diocese is asking congregations to concentrate on four areas:

  • The Church as a community of worship, prayer and dialogue;
  • Formation, teaching and Vocation within the Church;
  • Witness, Common Mission and Service to the world;
  • and Stewardship and Care of People, Place and Money.

The Commissions will be charged to make funding recommendations based on these goals, keeping in mind that the purpose of the SOM is to fund those ministries that can be carried out most effectively at the diocesan level. Many of our congregations are involved in wonderful ministries and the SOM cannot support them all. It is for this reason that we honor requests primarily from committees, commissions, institutions, mission congregations and other entities that are carrying out ministry at the diocesan level.

Development Process
Any group seeking funding from Upper South Carolina’s 2015 Statement of Mission (SOM) must submit a request by the February 13, 2015 deadline. Any new or expanding outreach ministry that is carried out locally, regionally or nationally will use the Matthew 25 grant application form. All others will use the icon 2015 SOM Request Form and submit it electronically to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or you can apply online. All requests must be submitted to the Diocesan House electronically. The diocesan staff will be responsible for publicizing the SOM requests for the commissions and convocations to use during their deliberations and recommendations. Each commission will be responsible for making recommendations on line items within its scope. The Statement of Mission Committee will use the commission and convocation recommendations to develop the first draft of the SOM, which will then be sent back to the commissions and convocations for further comment and recommendations to the Statement of Mission Committee. Once all recommendations are received, the SOM Committee, a sub-committee of the Commission on the Diocese, will construct and recommend a balanced preliminary Statement of Mission for submission to the Diocesan Executive Council.

How to Apply

1. Submit the form electronically (linked above and to your left) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. OR 2. Apply online

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