Episcopal Diocese of Upper South Carolina

Clemson Engineers and the Cange Water System

A big thank you to David Vaughn of Holy Trinity, Clemson and Director of the outstanding program Clemson Engineers for Developing Countries (CEDC) for sharing this video. Thanks to all who created it. The video tells the powerful story of the effects the CEDC program can have in the world through the example of EDUSC's water system in Cange, which has been maintained by Clemson's engineering interns. Please watch the story of clean water brought to Cange. Did you know? There is no cholera in Cange but there is everywhere else in Haiti. It's because the Cange water system is the only UV-filtered and chlorinated system in Haiti, and you helped build through our 40-year relationship with the village of Cange. Enjoy, and please share! A number of Episcopalians in our diocese have gone through CEDC and served as interns abroad. #cedc #eduscnews #episcopalchurch  

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