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THE EPISCOPAL DIOCESE OF UPPER SOUTH CAROLINA welcomes you in the name of Christ and of the 61 Episcopal congregations who are members of the diocese. Our Vision:  Making, equipping and sending mature disciples of Christ.

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Diocesan Spotlight

The Committee on Environmental Stewardship & Justice Launch

At the 2017 Diocesan Convention, a resolution was adopted to form the Committee on Environmental Stewardship and Justice for the primary purpose of encouraging actions that support care for creation in parishes throughout the Diocese. The work of this committee is directly related to the ministry of the Episcopal Church in following the Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations and in various environmental stewardship resolutions adopted by the General Convention from as early as 1979.


The Committee on Environmental Stewardship and Justice is committed to providing information and resources to assist churches in the Diocese to initiate or to build upon ministries that reflect care for creation.  There are many ways for churches to get involved, from faith and education efforts to advocacy projects focusing on environmental issues.  The committee seeks to encourage and support awareness of our responsibility to think as stewards of creation and to assist congregations throughout the Diocese to realize that mission through ministry, outreach, education, community relations, and environmental advocacy.

The committee focuses directly on individual churches by collecting a resource guide relevant to carrying on environmental and justice ministry, including lists of possible activities, how-to guides, curricula for Christian education, articles, and videos.  The goal is to encourage individual churches to share information with others about the environmental and justice ministries they may have adopted, and to encourage other churches to develop their own ministries.

Because of the broad impact of environmental and justice issues, there is further focus on the larger community and how churches can be instrumental for the greater good.  The committee promotes environmental and justice advocacy, helping to identify specific issues and developing response tools in dealing with those issues.

Environmental Stewardship and Justice is both conceptual and practical.  The committee supports the position that there are many significant expressions in scripture, the Book of Common Prayer, and the words of our music about our beliefs in regard to our relationship with the natural world.  At the same time, there are practical steps that can be taken to be environmentally responsible and just in our daily lives.  There are churches in the Diocese at this time that have answered that call to ministry with educational information about care of the environment, community gardens, energy audits, recycling and more. 

The Committee on Environmental Stewardship and Justice marks an important effort toward aligning the Diocese with appropriate and necessary means to live into the spiritual commitment to care for the natural world and those whose welfare depends on a healthy environment.  It provides a direct answer to the Fifth Mark of Mission’s call to “safeguard the integrity of creation and sustain and renew the life of the earth.” 

For more information and a list of the committee members, please see the new Committee on Environmental Stewardship & Justice webpage!

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