Episcopal Diocese of Upper South Carolina

EDUSC at the Installation of the 27th Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church

All Hallow’s Eve was a clear-skied, cool day in Washington, DC. The National Cathedral stood out against the sky like a “castle,” as one DC Uber driver put it. The Cathedral was ready for a big event to take place on her grounds and in her sanctuary the next day on All Saints’. Her noonday bells began to clang with Beethoven’s 9th, followed by Lift Every Voice and Sing, hinting at the cycle of the Good News to take place over the next 24 hours.


Update Oct. 23rd - Ongoing Flood Relief - How Your Parish Can Help


Dear friends in Christ – Much has happened in a very short period of time since we last updated you on the flooding in the Kingstree/Andrews area. Community sites were established where people could fill out work orders for damage sustained to their homes. Once there, disaster response teams would be able to take a work order and complete what needed to be done. Late yesterday (Wednesday 10/21), Williamsburg County began calling these homeowners to verify what was listed on each work order and set up a date and time when disaster response teams could arrive at a house to begin working.


Urgent Help for Gravatt

FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR of Camp Gravatt, Lauri SoJourner - We have become aware of an application for an agricultural permit to build a new poultry farm and dispose of the manure on Dairy Road in Aiken County. By car this area is approximately 6 miles from Gravatt; however, as the crow flies, it is less than one and a half miles from Gravatt. We believe we are within smelling distance. The Nazarene Camp, which is down the road from Gravatt, is very close to a chicken farm, and having attended a retreat there, I can absolutely confirm it is not a pleasant place for a retreat, due to the chicken farm. I have great concern over the potential for this to negatively impact Gravatt.


Committee on Constitution and Canons Begins Review of Diocesan Governing Documents

The Committee on Constitution and Canons, under the Commission on the Diocese, wants your input. The committee has begun reviewing our Constitution and Canons. Governing documents traditionally lag behind the reality of the operation of any organization. Through time, changes are made to improve the operating efficiency of the Diocese and eventually, specific names, titles, and organziations evolve and specific references become out of line with one another. 


The Steve Morrison Workshop: A Better Understanding of Poverty

In Support of the SC Bishops' Public Education Initiative

by Allison Askins from the The St. Martin's-in-the-Fields e-Messenger.

Some 90 members of the community and St. Martin's parish turned out this past Wednesday to take part in "The Steve Morrison Workshop: A Better Understanding of Poverty."

Funded with Advent Festival funds granted by St. Martin's Outreach Committee, the event's purpose was to help participants better understand what families living in poverty encounter in their daily lives. The event was hosted in honor of St. Martin's member Steve Morrison and the SC Bishops' Public Education Initiative.


St. Peter's 4th and 5th Grade Sunday School Grade Class Raises Money for Water in Haiti

by Julia Johnson

ST. PETER'S, GREENVILLE - The 4th and 5th grade "Faith and Friends" Sunday School class at St. Peter's Episcopal Church in Greenville, SC served as stewards for clean water this fall. The class has a grand total of six kids in it this year. Their theme for Sunday School this year is water - in the Bible, in our Church, in our lives, in the world. We teach some aspect of the service of the Church each year, and this year we chose to learn about Episcopal service to the world outside our country. Our church has historically been deeply involved in building the well and water system in Cange, Haiti. We were fortunate to have several parishioners and one active Young Adult Service Corps member share their experiences in Haiti with our kids.


Celebrating the Eucharist at the Women's Prison: "Grace upon grace"

by The Rev. Patricia Sexton, Rector of All Saints’ Cayce

    All Saints’ Episcopal Church in Cayce is given two dates a year to celebrate the Eucharist at Camille Griffin Graham Correctional Institution on Broad River Road.  It is our joyful opportunity to bring liturgical services to the women there.  I especially appreciate the chance to explain the different seasons of the year to women who are mostly unfamiliar with Lent and Ordinary Time and, most recently, the season of Christmas.  We celebrated the Eucharist on December 28, 2014, Christmas 1B, and I had the wonderful “task” of preaching on the Prologue to John’s Gospel.  Each time we go to the prison, about a dozen members from All Saints’ come to provide music, usher, minister at the altar, or just join in worship with us.  This time, Deacon Ann Pilat joined our group.  On December 28th we had 110 women from the prison attending, which is an average number, in our experience.


Surprise Snow Affects Middle School Fall Retreat

Earliest Snow in Midlands Recorded History Causes Cancellation of Middle School Fall Retreat

Dear Parents of Middle School Youth,

This past weekend we had to make the decision to cancel the Middle School Fall Retreat due to weather and safety concerns for all involved. We were very disappointed to have to cancel for the second time a row because of safety concerns, but safety for you and your children is our first priority.




Reading Matters Faith-Based Literacy Initiative in Richland School District One Looking for Volunteer Reading Tutors


Reading Matters is seeking volunteer reading tutors, as well as seasoned tutors and teachers to support those new to this work.

We hope you will choose to take part in this very important new program. Two training sessions for reading tutors are being offered in November. Please choose one and sign up by the first week in November. The commitment will involve one hour per week of tutoring during the school year.

 For more information and to sign up, please click here to download a flyer and fillable sign-up form. Save the form to your computer and attach it in an email to the Reverend Susan Heath at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Light and love - my experiences at Trinity Church in Newtown, CT

by Roger Hutchison, Canon for Children’s Ministries and Communication at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Columbia, SC

On December 14, 2012, the unthinkable happened. Twenty children and six adults were killed when a lone gunman, Adam Lanza opened fire at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT.


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