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Clemson Engineers and the Cange Water System

A big thank you to David Vaughn of Holy Trinity, Clemson and Director of the outstanding program Clemson Engineers for Developing Countries (CEDC) for sharing this video. Thanks to all who created it. The video tells the powerful story of the effects the CEDC program can have in the world through the example of EDUSC's water system in Cange, which has been maintained by Clemson's engineering interns. Please watch the story of clean water brought to Cange. Did you know? There is no cholera in Cange but there is everywhere else in Haiti. It's because the Cange water system is the only UV-filtered and chlorinated system in Haiti, and you helped build through our 40-year relationship with the village of Cange. Enjoy, and please share! A number of Episcopalians in our diocese have gone through CEDC and served as interns abroad. #cedc #eduscnews #episcopalchurch  

Committee on Constitution and Canons Proposes Revision at the 95th Diocesan Convention in November

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The Episcopal Diocese of Upper South Carolina Committee on Constitution and Canons has worked for the last two and one-half years to reorganize and clarify our Canons. The member of the Committee are as follows:

Mr. Thomas L. Stepp, Chair
Secretary Emeritus, University of South Carolina 

Mrs. Suzanne Hulst Clawson
Attorney, Haynsworth Sinkler Boyd, P. A.

Professor Martin C. McWilliams, Jr.
Professor of Law, University of South Carolina

The Rev. J. Edward Morris
Rector, The Episcopal Church of the Advent, Spartanburg

Mr. Robert G. Tunell
Member, St. Michael and All Angels, Columbia

The Rev. d'Rue Hazel
Diocesan Canon Staff Liaison to the Committee

The basis of the current Canons is the work of a Select Commission on Constitution and Canons was adopted by the 76th Convention of the Diocese. The work of the current Committee has maintained continuity with the prior Select Commission, particularly through Professor Martin McWilliams who was Special Counsel to the Select Commission. He has worked tirelessly and intimately as a member of the current Committee. We have also benefited from the review of our current work by Mr. Robert Clawson, the Chair of the former Select Commission, and a distinguished attorney continually active in the life of the Diocese.


An open letter to the parents who bring their children to church on Sundays from the congregation of Grace Church

[Grace Church, Anderson] We know parenting is tiring, especially on Sundays. We remember the days of trying to get a family to church. Finding clean church clothes. That fit everyone (haha). Trying to just get the children ready even if it means your own hair is not dry. Slinking into church after the priest processed down the aisle, hopefully during the collect but maybe the Psalm. Baby on your hip, toddlers in tow, balancing a diaper bag on your shoulder. Looking for a space for 5 people. You just have to slide past 4 other people to get a spot in the middle of the row on either side of the donkey (new word -that wooden piece in the middle of the row is a donkey).


The Rev. Jack Hardaway leads Lenten Quiet Day

The Rev. Jack Hardaway, rector of Grace, Anderson, led a Lenten Quiet Day at St. Peter's, Greenville March 4, 2017. About 50 people participated in this holy practice of taking large chunks of time for deep reflection. Jack offers us the reflections he shared with the group that day, to guide their time in prayer. Consider using these three reflections on parables to give yourself a quiet day this Lent.

Lenten Quiet Day, 4 March 2017


Members of Small Upstate Episcopal Church participate in big march

[St. Philip's, Greenville] Some members of the church known as the Miracle Church let their voices be heard in the nation’s capital. Nine members St. Philip’s Episcopal Church in Greenville, SC traveled by bus to Washington, DC for the January 21st “Women’s March on Washington.” Reverend John Zellner joined the women from St. Philip’s to raise their voices in an effort to, “win back the country and world we want.” 


Lent Madness 2017

The Saintly Smackdown Returns!
brought to you by Forward Movement

Are you looking for something fun to focus on? Are you longing for inspiration and joy? For the eighth year running, people of faith are gearing up for Lent Madness, the "saintly smackdown" in which thirty-two saints do battle to win the coveted Golden Halo during the season of Lent.

With its unique blend of competition, learning, and humor, Lent Madness allows participants to be inspired by the ways in which God has worked through the lives of saintly souls across generations and cultures.


New Prayer Book resource from Forward Movement

In his new accessible, practical book Inwardly Digest: The Prayer Book as Guide to a Spiritual Life, author Derek Olsen uses The Book of Common Prayer for a template to a deeper relationship with God. Explaining the purpose and intention of The Book of Common Prayer, and offering fresh insight, Olsen breaks down its services for practical application for daily living.


Discovery Weekend at St. Francis, Chapin a success

Discovery weekend - commitment through community - is a 3-day weekend held at St. Francis to help you understand God’s purpose for you, grow in His Love and to become equipped to live out the Great Commission - “Go and make Disciples,” Remembering that Christianity is caught, not taught. It is a free gift offered by Laypersons and Clergy who share their faith, commitment and lives with the candidates through study, food, fellowship, and worship. Our goals are to help you see that God does have plan for each of us, each unique.


Support Church Periodical Club, an ECW tradition

The ministry of the Church Periodical Club (CPC) is to raise money to supply books, magazines, e-books, educational tapes, videos and computer programs FREE to those who cannot obtain them. The National Books Fund (NBF) is the oldest national granting fund of the Church Periodical Club. Attached for your information is the National Books Fund grant application list for this year. icon 2016 National Books Fund Applicants


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