Episcopal Diocese of Upper South Carolina

World Mission Committee

Our mission is world outreach, particularly to the people of Cange, Haiti, and the surrounding area Haiti's Central Plateau, where we have been in ministry for some 30 years. Cange is a small rural village in Haiti led by a visionary Episcopal priest, Father Fritz Lafontant.

In 1979 Fr. Lafontant met and formed a partnership with the Rt. Rev. William A. Beckham, sixth bishop of Upper South Carolina. That same year a church, L'Église Bon Sauveur, was erected at Cange on a dry and grassy hilltop.

In 1981 our diocese made the first of many medical trips to Cange, and since then, much has been accomplished. An engineering project brought running water to the village in the mid-1980s. Construction projects have included a medical clinic, eye clinic, dental clinic, and hospital, as well as a sewing center that provides employment for local women. Under the auspices of our diocesan "Adopt-a-Village" project, more than 15 schools have been built in the area.

In 2003 a pilot garden was planted at Cange, paving the way for the 35-acre farm which today produces corn, beans, peanuts, and rice to make feeding formulas and nutritional supplements that supply local malnutrition programs.

Our work in Haiti has been greatly helped by our friendship and alliance with Dr. Paul Farmer, a Harvard physician and founder of Partners in Health who spends much of his time at Cange and who has worked unceasingly to serve the medical and social needs of the area.

For more information on our work in Haiti, please visit the Christ Church, Greenville website here: http://www.ccgsc.org/haiti-outreach.php

Graduations at the Bon Sauveur Parish


The past two Sunday services at Bon Sauveur Parish in Cange have been extended by a couple of hours with the 6th grade graduation and the kindergarten graduation from Ecole Bon Sauveur.

Both graduations were full of energy. The 6th grade graduation featured clever skits (with fantastic acting), singing, poetry, and dancing. Every moment was full of comedy, including singing along to Celine Dion and Josh Groban and dancing to Justin Bieber.

My favorite part of that ceremony was the lengthy, original skit performed by many of the 6th grade class that provided some serious social commentary on family structure, responsibility and cultural issues relevant to the lives of residents in Cange and beyond.

Congratulations to the 6th grade EBS graduates! 4 grad3 gradgrad 1.12 grad



The kindergarten graduation was just as fun, with fantastic decorations and more fun singing and dancing from the kids. It was amazing to see all of the proud parents, family members, and friends in attendance at the graduations.

Congratulations to the kindergarten graduates! 


kind grad 1kind grad 2



A Report on the Cange Artisan Center

by Jackie Williams, Director of the Artisan Center in Cange

We received an order recently for a wall hanging with a Kreole version of the Scottish motto:

I am wounded but not slain.
I shall lie down and bleed awhile
Then rise and fight again.

Mwen blesse men mwen pa tye
M'ap repose; san mwen ap koule
Pita m'ap leve
Pou-m lite anko.


To invest in Education is to invest in the Future

by Father Fritz Lafontant

The School of the Good Savior, Cange (École Bon Sauveur Cange) was founded jointly in 1979 by Father Fritz Lafontant of the Episcopal Diocese of Haiti and Bishop William Beckham of the Episcopal Diocese of Upper South Carolina. They were both impressed by the plight of displaced peasant farmers living in the Central Plateau area of Haiti. Twenty years earlier a hydroelectric dam built on Lake Peligré to serve the city of Port-au-Prince had stranded these farming families. Left without their land, they moved up to the tiny village of Cange where they were living in extreme poverty.


Changing Lives in Haiti

Bread and Water Update from the Clemson Engineers for Developing Countries Fall 2012

Holidays and vacations certainly come as a welcome friend to all, whether the relief is from studying in school or a job. Regardless of one’s situation, time off is quickly accepted and appreciated. For several Clemson University students, the few days away from classes during the fall break were well spent.


The Gifts of Bread and Water Celebration

The Gifts and Bread and Water Celebration - A Personal Reflection from June 2012

 The Episcopal Diocese of Upper South Carolina was well represented at the June celebration and dedication of the new water system and vocational school in Cange June 17 through the 21. The event marked a fitting end to our $1.8 million Gifts of Bread and Water Campaign directed by the Diocese World Missions Committee and chaired by Dr. Earl Burch. Well deserved accolades were showered on all those who took part physically and financially.


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