Episcopal Diocese of Upper South Carolina

Cange, Haiti

Our diocese has a 35-year relationship with the people of Cange, Haiti, and the surrounding area Haiti's Central Plateau, where we have been in ministry for some 30 years. Cange is a small rural village in Haiti led by a visionary Episcopal priest, Father Fritz Lafontant.

In 1979 Fr. Lafontant met and formed a partnership with the Rt. Rev. William A. Beckham, sixth bishop of Upper South Carolina. That same year a church, L'Église Bon Sauveur, was erected at Cange on a dry and grassy hilltop.

In 1981 our diocese made the first of many medical trips to Cange, and since then, much has been accomplished. An engineering project brought running water to the village in the mid-1980s. Construction projects have included a medical clinic, eye clinic, dental clinic, and hospital, as well as a sewing center that provides employment for local women. Under the auspices of our diocesan "Adopt-a-Village" project, more than 15 schools have been built in the area.

In 2003 a pilot garden was planted at Cange, paving the way for the 35-acre farm which today produces corn, beans, peanuts, and rice to make feeding formulas and nutritional supplements that supply local malnutrition programs.

Our work in Haiti has been greatly helped by our friendship and alliance with Dr. Paul Farmer, a Harvard physician and founder of Partners in Health who spends much of his time at Cange and who has worked unceasingly to serve the medical and social needs of the area.

For more information on our work in Haiti, please visit www.campaignforcange.org, as well as the Christ Church, Greenville website here: http://www.ccgsc.org/haiti-outreach.php

In addtion please visit Partners in Agriculture.


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Partnership Cange Symposium Feb 23 - 25



Partnership Cange Symposium is February 23 - 25, 2018
St. Peter's Episcopal Church, Greenville

Friday night will feature a showing of the film Bending the Arc

[St. Peter's, Greenville] St. Peter's Parish  and the Outreach Advocates will be hosting the diocesan-wide Partnership Cange Symposium February 23- 25, and we hope that many of you will be able to attend to learn about outreach opportunities and progress in Haiti. The opening event is on Friday evening, February 23 at 6:30 p.m.  with a Dessert and Coffee Reception in Stockstill Hall. Then, the film Bending the Arc  will be shown on at 7:45 p.m. in the sanctuary. Bending the Arc , produced by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, is a documentary about the history of Partners in Health, which began in Cange and is now an international health and medical non-profit agency. Much of their history is closely intertwined with our diocesan work in Cange, and many familiar people, sights, and sounds are presented in the movie. Further information about the film can be found at   http://bendingthearcfilm.com. There will be no cost for attendance, but all donations will be appreciated and given to the diocesan World Missions Committee to help fund the work we do in Haiti. Register for the Symposium +HERE.

A report on Diocesan ministry in Cange, Haiti from the co-chair of the Diocesan World Missions Committee

May 2, 2017

[Dr. Reggie Brooker, Christ Church, Greenville] I just returned from a diocesan medical trip held April 22-29 to remote villages around Cange. The focus was treatment of high blood pressure, although all who presented to us were seen. We hiked in to these remote villages over arduous terrain and evaluated and treated 375 people.

A second purpose of the trip was to discuss funding issues between our Diocese (EDUSC) and Ecole Bon Sauveur (EBS). Harry Morse and I, co-chairs of our diocesan World Missions Committee (WMC), and Lou Leffler met on April 28 with Father Kesner, priest-in-charge of Eglise Bon Sauveur (the Episcopal Church in Cange), and with Cange school and community leaders.


Partnership Cange Symposium celebrates Diocesan ministry in Haiti

In celebration of EDUSC's 38 years of mission and partnership with the people of Cange, Haiti and surrounding villages, the Partnership Cange Symposium provided an opportunity for learning about EDUSC's work in Haiti over the last four decades. Speakers included one of the founders of Zanmi Lasante (Partners in Health, Haiti), Diocesan leadership of our mission to Cange and Clemson Engineers for Developing Countries, all of whom help us implement our programs.

The Symposium weekend began with a review of the history of Haiti via a brief YouTube film, as well as a presentation by Dr. Harry Morse on the history of The Episcopal Church in Haiti. As you heard in our news last year, we are not currently able, per our Presiding Bishop, to work through or partner with the Diocese of Haiti (largest diocese in The Episcopal Church).

Our Diocesan Partnership Cange Coordinator, Dr. Earl Burch, along with the Diocesan World Missions Committee, has worked hard to make arrangements with Zanmi Lasante to help us execute our current mission of supporting our school in Cange, Ecole Bon Sauveur. In addition we are working to maintain the water system the people of EDUSC built almost 40 years ago, which provides clean water to the people of the village. We are grateful to Zanmi Lasante and the leadership at Ecole Bon Sauveur for their partnering and hard work to provide education to nearly 1,500 students!

Please keep the leadership in Cange, Clemson Engineers for Developing Countries, the people of Cange and the students of Ecole Bon Sauveur in your prayers as we discern ways to create sustainability and allow the ministry of Ecole Bon Sauveur to continue to contribute to the health of the Cange community.

CFFL (Centre de Formation Fritz Lafontant) in Haiti graduates 36 more students and other news

(Partners in Agriculture is its own 501(c)3 begun by members of Christ Church, Greenville. It oversees CFFL and other projects and programs in the area of Corporant, Haiti. Although a separate entity from our diocesan mission in Cange, Haiti, a number of Episcopalians from Upper South Carolina are involved in supporting the programs and missions of PiA, some of which sprung out of the relationships built in Cange.

by Gillaine Warne

CFFL is excited to announce the graduation of 36 more students on January 27th 2017. The Graduating Class of 2016 will be made up of 22 Genie Civil (Construction) students including 4 women for the very first time, and 14 Woodworking students also including 4 women. These students have completed 2 ½ years of intensive studies, and presented their final technical exhibits for examination, with excellent results. Partners in Agriculture and the graduates of CFFL, especially those who benefited from scholarships, would like to thank Christ Church, EDUSC and the many who have given of their time and talent, and supported financially the success of these students – neither they nor we could have done it without your help. We are proud to say that these are a talented lot of kids, now ready and equipped to take their places in the real world, and become 36 more Starfish thrown back into the great turbulent Sea of Haiti. May God go with them.


A Pastoral Letter Regarding Events in Cange, Haiti

January 26, 2016

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Many of you have heard that there have been stressful events and tension in Cange, Haiti in the last several weeks. The confusion has been such that the World Missions Committee, with my support, has temporarily suspended all aid and all trips to Haiti. As you can imagine, making this decision was deeply painful for all of us, as I imagine hearing this news is for many of you. The relationships we have with our brothers and sisters in the Central Plateau are long-standing and deep, and we are exploring every possible means to restore our mission to bring independence and sustainability to the region. We are especially concerned for the welfare of the children. Whether or not we will be able to continue our mission work in Haiti is affected by many factors, some of which I discuss below, so your prayers are needed as we navigate troubled waters.


Morne Michel, Haiti Update from Trinity Cathedral

from Jonathan Vipperman, Trinity Cathedral
December 1, 2015

1) As previously reported, the solar power unit in Morne Michel is functioning and providing the first (and only) electric power and light in that community! It is being utilized for community meetings, extended classroom hours, and also for students to be able to study once the sun goes down. This project was completed through our partnership with Clemson Engineers for developing countries.


CEDC Project Updates Fall 2015

Please take a moment to read these updates of the projects being undertaken by David Vaughn (Holy Trinity, Clemson) and his students at Clemson through the Clemson Engineers for Developing Countries program. EDUSC is honored to have them as out partner in Cange. 
icon CEDC Project Updates Fall 2015

EDUSC's Work in Haiti

From a Keynote Address for the 2014 Diocesan Convention by Bishop Waldo
Episcopal Diocese of Kansas
25 October 2014

Steadfast Love and Transformation: Partnership, Persistence and Possibility in Haiti

On behalf of the people of the Diocese of Upper South Carolina, grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.
As I’ve spent time with all of you here in Topeka since Thursday evening, I am filled with gratitude to God for the energy and vitality that have filled this convention space, confirming for me once again the power of God’s Holy Spirit to shape and transform us into one Body in Christ. Since my first attendance at a House of Bishops meeting in spring 2010 when I first met your Bishop, I’ve come to associate the Diocese of Kansas with energy, radiant joyfulness and laughter.


2015 Partnership Cange, Haiti Symposium a Success

MARCH 4, 2015 - The 2015 Partnership Cange, Haiti Symposium attracted more than 100 people to learn more about and hear updates on EDUSC's work in Cange. The symposium was held from 1 pm - 5 pm on Saturday, February 28th at Christ Church, Greenville. Among the many speakers were Dr. Reggie Brooker of Christ Church, Greenville; David Vaughn and a corps of students from the Clemson Engineers for Developing Countries; Dr. Sara Mansbach, director of the library in Cange; Gillaine Warne of Christ Church, Greenville and founder of CFFL - Centre Formation de Fritz Lafontant, a vocational school; Reginald Cean, director of the agricultural program at CFFL; Marie Flore Chipps, daughter of Father Fritz Lafontant and Coordinator of Zanmi Lasante; Jonathan Vipperman and Rusty Miller of Trinity Cathedral and members of the World Mission Committee; Dr. Earl Burch, Coordinator of our diocesan ministries in Cange, and our bishop, The Rt. Rev. Andrew Waldo.


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