Episcopal Diocese of Upper South Carolina

About Cursillo - Candidates and Staff

Candidates for Cursillo Weekend #136

Candidate             Church                                               Sponsor

Gyll Carter                    Church of the Cross, Columbia                  Russell Franklin
David Claytor               St. Mark’s, Chester                                      Ike Waters      
Elizabeth Claytor         St. Mark's, Chester                                      Ike Waters
Sheryl Colley                St. Lukes', Newberry                                   Emery Clark
Dinks Dupree               Christ Church, Greenville                           Charles Warne
Rob Gyemant               Trinity Cathedral, Columbia                       Doug Steimle
Monique Marty           St. Francis of Assisi, Chapin                       Keren Pickard
Melissa Senf                 St. Alban's, Lexington                                 Dawn Christie Beaver
Tracey Washburn        All Saint's, Cayce                                          Betsy Groff
Will Washburn             All Saints's, Cayce                                        Betsy Groff
Tami Windell                Church of our Savior, Rock Hill                  Jim McHale

Staff of Cursillo Weekend #136

July 13-16, 2017

Name and Position



Lay Rector
Ike Waters Good Shepherd, York 


Spiritual Directors

Mike Flanagan, Head Holy Cross, Simpsonville
Bill Greeley Good Shepherd, York
Jim Neuberger St. John's, Winnsboro


Table Leaders

Jim McHale Our Savior, Rock Hill
Rusty Miller Trinity Cathedral, Columbia
Juli Woodard Good Shepherd, York


Cha Chas

Paula Greenway, Head Christ Church, Greenville
David Danforth, Tech Trinity Cathedral, Columbia
Gail Stellar, Alter Guild

St. Matthew's, Spartanburg

Salina Woodard

Good Shepard, York


Music Chas

Grace Keller, Head St. Matthew's, Spartanburg
Melody Daniel Church of the Redeemer, Greenville
Glenn Gilbert Good Shepherd, York
Howard Ray Good Shepherd, York

Palanca Pick Up Dates and Times

Wednesday, 7/12/17 by noon at:

Christ Church, Greenville
Church of the Redeemer, Greenville
St. Augustine of Canterbury, Aiken
St. David's, Columbia
St. Francis of Assisi, Chapin
St. Matthew's, Spartanburg
Trinity Cathedral, Columbia
Church of the Good Shepherd, York

If you are a sponsor, please bring your palanca and the palanca from fellow Cursillistas from your church when you bring your candidate on Thursday evening.

You may mail your palanca directly to Camp Gravatt (please make sure it is postmarked by 7/11/17 and the envelope plainly states CURSILLO 136 PALANCA on the envelope):

Camp Gravatt
c/o Mr. Ike Waters, Lay Rector, Cursillo 136
1006 Camp Gravatt Road
Aiken, SC 29805


  • Bishop Waldo Calls to Order
  • Bishop Greg Rickel on Stewardship
  • Leadership Day
  • Dean Timothy Jones of Trinity Cathedral
  • The Rev. Dr. James Farwell
  • Ms. Terri Mathes
  • Closing Plenary Before Evensong
  • Bill Hunter of the Advent Shoppe
  • Christ Church Before Evensong
  • Gravatt Booth
  • Thompson Booth
  • Canterbury Booth
  • Sewanee Booth
  • Business Day
  • Cursillo 130 1
  • Cursillo 130 2
  • Cursillo 130 3
  • Cursillo 130 4
  • Cursillo 130 5
  • Cursillo 130 6
  • Cursillo 130 7
  • Cursillo 130 8
  • Cursillo 130 9
  • Cursillo 130 10
  • Cursillo 130 11