Episcopal Diocese of Upper South Carolina

Weekend #139

Cursillo 139
February 21-24, 2019

Cursillo #139 is dedicated to The Psalmists.

Praise the Lord, all you nations;
Laud him, all you peoples.
For His loving-kindness toward us is great,
And the faithfulness of the Lord endures forever,
Hallelujah! Psalm 117

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.
Hallelujah! Psalm 150:6

At his Christmas service sermon about 3 years ago, Bishop Waldo spoke of his recent practice of the 30-day Psalter. He spoke of the beauty and cadence of the meditations on the liturgical poetry of the Psalms. I decided to give it a try and 3 years later, I have a hard time imagining not beginning and ending each day with the appointed readings. The Book of Common Prayer, page 582 begins an explanation of the Psalter with the entire Book of Psalms following. In my readings, every day I find at least one verse that speaks to a current event or situation in my life.

As I continued this practice, I discovered the importance of the Psalms in the lives of our spiritual heroes from King David forward. There are so many connections and direct lines that can be traced from the Psalms in the Bible from that time forward, both Old and New Testament. It was the basis for much of Christ's teachings. It has often been called Jesus' prayer book.

Among many others, Martin Luther and Dietrich Bonhoeffer believed that reading and praying the Psalter meant reading and praying Christ's prayer for the Church. What better way to join in the prayer of the Church than by praying along with Christ? Broken down to approximately 80 verses each day, the reading can take from a few minutes or longer, if you want to ponder the words.

"It is easy to understand why the Book of Psalms is the favorite book of all the saints. For every person on every occasion can find in it Psalms which fit his needs, which he feels to be as appropriate as if they had been set there just for his sake. In no other book can he find words to equal them, nor better words... Place the Book of Psalms in front of you; you will see your own self in it, for here is the true "know thyself," by which you can know yourself as well as the God who created all things." -Martin Luther, 1528 Preface to the Psalms

Cursillo 139 Staff

Lay Rector
Rusty Miller Trinity, Columbia

Spiritual Directors
Kellie Wilson Christ Church, Greenville
Bill Greeley Church of the Good Shepherd, York
Dane Boston Christ Church, Cooperstown, NY (formerly at Trinity, Columbia)

Table Leaders
Bill Matthews Trinity, Columbia
Chris Smith Christ Church, Lancaster
Shannon Berley St Francis of Assisi, Chapin
Terri Bailey St. Martin in the Field
Sharon Landis Christ Church, Greenville

Katherine Foo, Head Christ Church, Lancaster
Gale Smith Christ Church, Lancaster
Mary Ellen Haile Trinity, Columbia
Gail Stellar St. Matthews, Spartanburg

Music Team
MaryAnne Brock, Head St David's, Columbia
Stan Bailey St Martin in the Field
David Tillotson St. David's, Columbia
Chick Gosnell Holy Cross, Simpsonville

Observing Lay Rector
David Rutledge St Matthews, Spartanburg

  • Bishop Waldo Calls to Order
  • Bishop Greg Rickel on Stewardship
  • Leadership Day
  • Dean Timothy Jones of Trinity Cathedral
  • The Rev. Dr. James Farwell
  • Ms. Terri Mathes
  • Closing Plenary Before Evensong
  • Bill Hunter of the Advent Shoppe
  • Christ Church Before Evensong
  • Gravatt Booth
  • Thompson Booth
  • Canterbury Booth
  • Sewanee Booth
  • Business Day
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