Episcopal Diocese of Upper South Carolina

Peter Block's Questions

A great vestry and church committee resource presented by Bishop Andy Doyle, November 12, 2015 at St. John's Columbia

Peter Block's Questions with Little Power

How do we get people to show up and be committed?
How do we get others to be more responsible?
How do we get people to come on board and do the right thing?
How do we hold those people accountable?
How do we get others to buy into our revision?
How do we get those people to change?
How much will it cost and how would we get the money?
How do we negotiate for something better?
What new policy or legislation will move our interests forward?
Where is it working?
Who has solved this elsewhere and how do we import that knowledge?
How do we find and develop better leaders?
Why aren't those people in the room for conversation?

Peter Block's Questions with GREAT Power

What is the commitment you hold that you brought into this room?
What is the price you or others pay for being here today?
How valuable do you plan for this effort to be?
What is the crossroads you face at this stage in the game?
What is the story you keep telling about the problems in your community?
What are the gifts you hold that have not been brought fully into the world?
What is your contibution to the very thing that you complain about?
What is it about you or your team, group or neighborhood that no one knows?

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