Episcopal Diocese of Upper South Carolina

Bible Challenge

The 2015-2016 Bible Challenge is a way for people of all ages in this Diocese to join Bishop Waldo in reading the Bible in one year beginning
October 1, 2015. And to make things even more exciting, we're instigating a Bible Challenge Instagram Challenge. Use the hashtag #eduscbiblechallenge if you post something on your own social media accounts and see below for more information on how to participate in the Bible Challenge, as well as the Instagram Challenge, even if you don't use social media! We've got you covered.

EDUSC Bible Challenge Instagram Challenge

After you’ve read the Scripture of the day, use your phone or camera to take a picture inspired by the reading. This is a wonderful way to practice reflecting theologically and to share your vision of God’s action in your life with others. Send your photo of the day (any day you inspired to participate) to Canon for Communications, Carrie Graves, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. She will post it with the Scripture on the Diocesan social media channels. Another option is to send Canon Graves the word or phrase that stood out to you in your reading, sharing your lectio divina and perhaps providing others in the group with food for reflection.

The purpose is to put ourselves in the presence of God as we read and to let the text shape us and transform us. The process should be one of joy and discovery. You will find plans for our implementation of the Bible Challenge in this Diocese through the below resources. According to the Center for Biblical Studies, individuals who read “the Bible for 21 days in a row…have an 80% chance of developing a lifetime discipline of daily Bible reading.” Daily reading also has “a positive measurable impact on moral behavior” and develops spiritual maturity.

How Individuals Participate in The Bible Challenge

•    Sign up with your local congregation. If your local congregation is not participating, contact Kellie Wilson at 1-800-889-6961 ext. 104 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
•    Read the attached pamphlet entitled “Read the Bible in a Year.”
•    Visit  http://thecenterforbiblicalstudies.org/how-to-get-started-in-the-bible-challenge-as-an-individual/ for a helpful article on how to get started on The Bible Challenge
•    Start reading. If you cannot obtain a Bible, contact your local congregation. If they do not have any available, contact Kellie Wilson at the above number.
•    Join the Facebook group EDUSC Bible Challenge. Here you can participate in discussions with other Bible Challenge participants and ask questions about the readings.
•    Join our Instagram feed to post pictures that reflect the daily readings.
•    Join our Twitter feed (@eduscnews) to post words and phrases that stick out to you from the daily readings.
•    Keep reading.
•    Invite others to join you as you read again the next year!

Implementing The Bible Challenge for Clergy

•    Register your congregation by going to http://thecenterforbiblicalstudies.org/join/.
•    Read "How to help your parish participate in the Bible Challenge."
•    Invite parishioners to participate in the Bible Challenge. Find here the icon Bible Challenge Insert 2015-16 for bulletins and mailings.
•    Provide  "Read the Bible in a Year" pamphlets for your parishioners. (icon Read the Bible in a Year Pamphlet 2015-16 is available in the preceeding link or by contacting The Reverend Canon Kellie Wilson at 803-771-7800 ext. 104 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..)
•    From our website, download and send the icon Bishops Bible Challenge Letter 2015 to all of the people who participate in the life of your congregation.
•    From our website  download bulletin inserts to promote the Bible Challenge.
•    Inform participants that they are invited to join the EDUSC Bible Challenge group on Facebook (EDUSC Bible Challenge), Twitter (@eduscnews), and/or Instagram (edusc_news).
•    Collect contact information for Bible Challenge participants in your congregation, by completing  this template (an Excel file), and email it to Kellie Wilson in an excel format at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
•    Offer Sunday school classes and/or discussion groups to support and encourage participants.
•    During the Prayers of the People on Sunday morning, pray for those participating in the Bible Challenge.
•    Offer your own notes of encouragement throughout the year to those participating.



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