Episcopal Diocese of Upper South Carolina

Education for Ministry

In 1975 the Reverend Charles Winters published the first version of the curriculum we know now as Education for Ministry (EfM). His modest title was “Theological Education by Extension.” Winters hoped that eventually a few hundred lay people among Sewanee’s 28 owning dioceses across the southeast would be interested enough to complete the four-year course.

The rapid growth and geographical reach of EfM surprised everyone, including Winters. By 1980, nearly 4,000 participants were enrolled. By 1985 the program had contracts with 56 dioceses across the Episcopal Church. By 1995 EfM had become an international program with affiliates in Canada, the Bahamas, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Australia (which includes Hong Kong), and New Zealand. Since then a group in Botswana has started, and four new groups in the Virgin Islands will launch soon. EfM now has contracts with 93 of the 100 Episcopal dioceses in the United States.

This exponential growth speaks to the longing among the Episcopal laity for substantive opportunities to learn and grow in community with other people of faith.
~from The History of EfM on the Sewanee website.

The Diocese of Upper South Carolina has a strong history of EfM groups, some running for more than 30 years. For more information about EfM, please contact the Upper SC Diocesan Coordinator, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit the EfM website.

EfM Mentors in Upper South Carolina -- January 2015
St. Peter’s, Greenville
        Group # 6089
        Co-Mentors: Ron Adams & Mary deMonterey
St. Martin’s in the Fields, Columbia
Group # 5307
Mentor: Terri Bailey
Group # 6440   
Co-Mentors: Galen McWilliams & Rev. Susan Parlier
St. David’s, Columbia
        Group #6349
        Mary Ann & Scotty Brock
St. Francis, Chapin
        Group #6013
        Marsha Dent & Bobbie Schowalter
Christ Church, Greenville
        Group # 6099
        Co-Mentors: Tom Faulkner & Ron Gregory
Our Savior, Rock Hill
        Group #6086
Co-Mentors: Bob Gaines & Toni Burke
Church of Incarnation, Gaffney
        Group # 6313
        Mentor: Rev. Jenny Gettys
St. Paul’s, Ft. Mill
        Group # 5794
        Mentor: Robert Horton and Rick Hanners
Church of Resurrection, Greenwood
        Group # 6386
        Mentor: Chuck McDonnell
Holy Trinity, Clemson
        Group # 4176
        Co-Mentors: Mel O’Day & Boo Wilson with Wendy Ross
St. Matthews, Spartanburg
        Group # 4937
        Mentors: Susan Pretulak & Angie Painter
Trinity Cathedral, Columbia
        Group # 5187
        Co-Mentors: Libba Rhoad & Karen Pearson
Grace, Camden
        Group # 6424
        Mentor: Nancy Wylie

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