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About Cursillo

Cursillo ChickenThe purpose of Cursillo is to help those in the Church understand their individual callings to be Christian leaders. The leadership may be exercised in one's work situations, in one's family and social life, in one's leisure activities, and within the Church environment. Leadership, in Cursillo, does not mean power over others, but influence on others; all of us need to be aware that we can exert a positive influence on those around us. The goal of Cursillo is the goal of the Church: to bring all to Christ. This is done when informed, trained leaders set out with the support of others having a similar commitment. 

The EDUSC Cursillo Council includes people from different convocations and parishes, including three clergy representatives. The Council meets several times a year and performs many functions. In addition to calling lay rectors for upcoming weekends, the Council makes policy/guidelines decisions, set dates for subsequent meetings, weekends, reunions, and coordinates training events for Cursillistas in the diocese and in the region.

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The weekend is structured based on a national movement, the National Episcopal Cursillo. program with local flavor and traditions. Since each weekend is basically the same program, with variations due to the individuals who make up the team, one only "makes" one Cursillo weekend, but can participate as a team member at subsequent weekends.

Mission Statement: Cursillo is a movement of the Church providing a method by which Christians are empowered to grow through prayer, study and action and to share God's love with everyone.

2017 Cursillo Council

Emery Clark – Chair, 1-year term
Bill Lee - Vice Chair, 2-year term 
Mary Finch – Secretary,1-year term
Jack Rogers – Treasurer, 3-year term
Rev. Scott Anderson, Head Spiritual Director, 1-year term 
Rev. Mike Flanagan, Spiritual Director, 3-year term
Bill Matthews, 3-year term
Keren Pickard3 year term
Ed Schneider, 2-year term
Ike Waters, 1-year term 

Paula Greenway - Registrar

Upcoming Weekends and Lay Rectors

Weekend #137 – February 8-11, 2018, Lay Rector Keren Pickard
Weekend # 138 – July 12-15, 2018, Lay Rector Marian Hornsby

Cursillo weekends are structured based on a national movement, the National Episcopal Cursillo. program with local flavor and traditions. Since each weekend is basically the same program, with variations due to the individuals who make up the team, one only "makes" one Cursillo weekend, but can participate as a team member at subsequent weekends. Applications can be found to your left.

About Cursillo - Dedication for Cursillo #137

Weekend 137

February 8-11, 2018

Dedication to Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist, Harbinger of Good News.

Elizabeth was a good and faithful believer. She and Zacharias kept the covenants of God, trusting in His word. They were Levites, from the priestly family of Aaron, chosen by God to teach His name. The kind of family trusted by God to be the parents of John the Baptist, one of the greatest prophets.

When God came to her and told her she was with child, one who was to pave the way for His son, she did not doubt, but showed her appreciation by saying "thus the Lord has dealt with me, in the days when HE looked on me, to take away my reproach among people." (Luke 1:25) Like Sarah before her, another woman of great faith, Elizabeth knew that her child would be a miracle from God.

So, it's no surprise that it was Elizabeth who confirmed to Mary that she was carrying the Holy One. When Mary came to visit her relative, the baby in Elizabeth's womb leaped for joy. Filled with the Holy Spirit, Elizabeth gave words of encouragement to Mary, reminding her that she was blessed among women and blessed was the fruit of her womb.

She showed great humility when she asked why the mother of the Lord would come to visit her "for indeed, as soon as the voice of your greeting sounded in my ear, the babe leaped in my womb for joy." (Luke 1:42-44) With this simple proclamation, Elizabeth became the Harbinger of the Lord of Hosts.

God has blessings for us all, if we just trust Him and remain faithful. This is not easy when others are questioning our beliefs, as I'm sure Elizabeth's peers did, since it says she was "reproached among her people." It's hard for us to see that God is with us when darkness surrounds us and we have no hope.

Cursillo 137 is about proclaiming the good news of God and paving the way for others to see his glorious works among all people. We really, truly, are called to bring the good news of Christ to others. To do this, we need the faith of Elizabeth - trusting God will be with us, even while others doubt.

Your Sister in Christ,

Karen Pickard, Lay Rector, Cursillo #137




Candidates for Cursillo Weekend #137

February 8-11, 2018



Bobbi Cavender

St. David's, Columbia

Rozlynn Fowler

St. Thaddeus, Aiken

Sue Freschi

St. Augustine of Canterbury, Aiken

Donna Kooy

St. Augustine of Canterbury, Aiken

Richard Mark

St. Thaddeus, Aiken

Laurie Patrick

Christ Church, Greenville

Tom Patrick

Christ Church, Greenville

Shannon Snyder

St. Augustine of Canterbury, Aiken

David Tillotson

St. David's, Columbia

Brenda Turner

St. Alban's, Lexington

Ashley Underwood

Christ Church, Greenville

Staff of Cursillo Weekend #137

February 8-11, 2018

Name and Position



Lay Rector
Keren Pickard St Francis of Assisi, Chapin


Spiritual Directors

Scott Anderson - Head

Church of the Redeemer, Greenville

 Scotty Brock

St. David's, Columbia
Dan Wagner St. Augustine of Canterbury, Aiken


Table Leaders

Jane Anderson Church of the Redeemer, Greenville
Dawn Beaver St. Alban's, Lexington
Cheri Beesburg St. Francis of Assisi, Chapin
Tom France Christ Church, Greenville
Jack Rogers Holy Cross, Simpsonville
David Rutledge St. Matthew's, Spartanburg


Cha Chas

Janet Jendron - Head Cha St. David’s, Columbia
Linda Brumbaugh St. David’s, Columbia
David Busch St. Augustine of Canterbury, Aiken
Marilyn Busch St. Augustine of Canterbury, Aiken


Music Chas

Marilyn Becker - Head St Francis of Assisi, Chapin
Mary Ann Brock St. David’s, Columbia
Parks Majors Holy Cross, Simpsonville


Observing Lay Rector

Marian Hornsby Trinity Cathedral, Columbia


Palanca Pickup Dates and Times

Wednesday, 2/7/18 by noon at:

Christ Church, Greenville
Church of the Redeemer, Greenville
St. Augustine of Canterbury, Aiken
St. David's, Columbia
St. Francis of Assisi, Chapin
St. Matthew's, Spartanburg
Trinity Cathedral, Columbia

If you are a sponsor, please bring your palanca and the palanca from fellow Cursillistas from your church when you bring your candidate on Thursday evening.

You may mail your palanca directly to Camp Gravatt (please make sure it is postmarked by 2/6/18 and the envelope plainly states CURSILLO 137 PALANCA on the envelope):

Camp Gravatt
c/o Ms. Keren Pickard, Lay Rector, Cursillo #137
1006 Camp Gravatt Road
Aiken, SC 29805


We welcomed 11 new Cursillistas from Weekend 136! Our EDUSC Cursillo Community is blessed to welcome you into the fold!

Photos from Cursillo #136, July 2017 are shown below.  View the slideshow below for other pictures of the weekend.

Photos courtesy of Selina Woodard, Gail Smith, and Davd Danforth

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend?
Any Episcopalian, eighteen years of age or older, may attend a Cursillo. Episcopalian is defined as any baptized Christian and member in good standing, as defined by the parish priest, of any parish in the Diocese of Upper South Carolina.

Are there Cursillo secrets?
You may have been told by someone who has attended the weekend that he cannot tell you what Cursillo is all about or what goes on during a Cursillo weekend. This is not correct. Everything that goes on during the weekend may be told to anyone. Cursillo literature is available to anyone who wishes to read or purchase the materials.

How much does it cost?
The three-day weekend costs $150.  Scholarships for Cursillo are usually available both from the Diocese and from your church.  Contact your rector to ask about scholarships through the Registrar.

What if I don't have a sponsor?
Your sponsor is an invaluable support person before, during, and after your Cursillo experience. If you are interested in attending Cursillo and don't have a sponsor, contact your rector and he or she will help you find a sponsor.

How do I sign up?
Applications are available from your church office or from the Diocesan office in Columbia. Or, you can download them from the box to your left.

When is the next Cursillo?
Cursillo weekends are offered two times a year at Gravatt Conference Center near Aiken. The deadline for registering is a month before the date listed.

Pay it Forward and Staff Scholarships

Lily Hardy Hammond wrote in her 1916 book, In the Garden of Delight, “You don't pay love back; you pay it forward.... With this in mind, the Cursillo Council began a Pay It Forward campaign which started with weekend 120 in October of 2011.

We require a non-refundable registration fee of only $150 for each candidate. The rest of the candidate fees will be paid by donations to our Pay it Forward Fund.  Ultreyas, Group Reunions and churches can also donate to the Cursillo Pay it Forward fund.

Scholarships funds will also be available to help staff members whose fees are $300 to serve on a weekend.  These requests will continue to be handled individually, with help from parishes or through donations by Ultreyas, Group Reunions and churches to the Cursillo "Staff Scholarship" fund.

Click the following to donate to either the Pay it Forward Fund or the Staff Scholarship Fund for Cursillo. (Please note, these links are for donations only. If you would like to pay fees for a Cursillo weekend, please contact Emery Clark, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Download a icon Pay It Forward and Staff Scholarships Handout.

We never want money to stand in the way of anyone's receiving the gifts that a Cursillo weekend provides. When we leave a weekend, we leave with better tools and a renewed heart for bringing Christ into our individual environments and our Church. Candidates will know that the weekend of growth is a gift from the Cursillo community in hopes that they will pass the gift on to others who are seeking a deeper walk with Christ and the tools needed to serve the world in his name.

Please consider donating online to help support Cursillo! Or mail a check made out to "EDUSC” with the memo “Cursillo Pay it Forward" or “Staff Scholarship” and mail to the Diocesan House, 1115 Marion Street, Columbia, SC 29201, Attention: The Rev. Jimmy Hartley




  • Bishop Waldo Calls to Order
  • Bishop Greg Rickel on Stewardship
  • Leadership Day
  • Dean Timothy Jones of Trinity Cathedral
  • The Rev. Dr. James Farwell
  • Ms. Terri Mathes
  • Closing Plenary Before Evensong
  • Bill Hunter of the Advent Shoppe
  • Christ Church Before Evensong
  • Gravatt Booth
  • Thompson Booth
  • Canterbury Booth
  • Sewanee Booth
  • Business Day
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